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Essential Oils in the Office: Focus, Concentration and Recall

December 07 2018

 Image Credit  We know that to get any task done to the best of our ability, we need to be able to focus. Ironically, it’s usually when we need it most that we can’t manage to focus at all. Give your brain the extra help it needs by following a routine to help...

5 methods to care for wool suiting

November 22 2018

Image Credit For those of you who aren’t fabric lovers or fashion aficionados, you might have never heard of wool suiting. If you work in a corporate office, however, it is most likely on high rotation in your wardrobe, whether you know it or not. Wool suiting is a fabric with many benefits: it’s durable, water...

Three benefits of morning exercise

October 31 2018

When you have an incredibly busy schedule working a full-time job (or being a full-time socialite and wine-guzzler), it can be difficult to squeeze a proper workout into your day. By the time you return home from an exhausting eight hours in the office, pumping out ten kilometres on a treadmill is going to be the last thing on your...

Why you need to read your care labels

October 17 2018

Take a look at what you’re wearing right now; whether it’s a cute sweater from Zara or a classy, corporate dress from Cue, it will have a care label attached. Hardly anybody ever actually sneaks a peek at these little scraps of fabric sewn into our clothes, let alone reads them. Heck, some people don’t even realise they exist. However,...

Five Ways to Shop Sustainably

September 19 2018  | 3 comments

  By simply altering your shopping habits, you can have a major impact on the fashion industry. Choosing to put your monthly dose of retail therapy to good use can help improve offshore working conditions, fair trade, animal welfare, eco-friendly production and reduce exploitation. Did you know that Australians purchase 27 kilograms of textiles per person every year? The ABC...

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