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Essential Oils in the Office: Focus, Concentration and Recall

December 07 2018

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We know that to get any task done to the best of our ability, we need to be able to focus. Ironically, it’s usually when we need it most that we can’t manage to focus at all. Give your brain the extra help it needs by following a routine to help get into the mindset of focus. Such a routine could include creating the atmosphere you need, and limiting distractions. Various essential oils can help with every stage of focus.

If you have been studying or need to give a presentation at work, it is also important to be able to recall information. 

Creating Your Atmosphere  

 A major component of focus is the atmosphere you surround yourself with. If possible, choose one room or location to do your work in. At least fifteen minutes before you begin, create a focused environment by diffusing the following essential oils by themselves, or in a blend:


Basil: Perfect for those that need mental clarity, Basil is great on its own or when diffused with Peppermint or Cedarwood.


Douglas Fir: Like the deep and grounded roots of a fir tree, the aroma of Douglas Fir gives you a sense of focus. It can also help you change your mood if you need a more positive outlook.


Eucalyptus oil: Clear the mind and chase away tense feelings by putting a few drops of Eucalyptus into your diffuser.


Spearmint oil: Something about mint oils just invigorates the mind. The aroma of Spearmint or peppermint stimulates a sense of focus and, like Douglas Fir, uplifts your mood.


A handy tip: You can also use these oils topically for a similar effect if you’re in a place where diffusion is difficult. Dilute any of the above oils with Fractionated Coconut oil as needed.


Limiting Distractions  

 Keeping away the electronic devices that threaten to swallow your attention, and staying away from email are sure to up your ability to focus. Aside from the single oils mentioned, get even more into the mindset when you use the doTERRA InTune® Focus Blend. Roll it onto your temples and neck to enhance your concentration on the task before you. The aroma will help clear your mind and give you the power to keep on track. If you find it easy to focus in the morning, but harder as the day wears on, use InTune in the afternoon to keep the yawns at bay.


Support Memory and Cognitive Health  

While focus is important, another key indicator of brain health is recall or memory. One essential oil in particular is helpful when it comes to the mild memory problems associated with ageing is Melissa essential oil.


The herb Rosemary has been associated with memory, remembering and remembrance since ancient times. Hence why it has become a regular feature of ANZAC Day remembrance. 


Studies suggest that diffused during study, rosemary can increase memory by 75%.  



About The Author

Suzanne McCorkell is a photographer, interior stylist and essential oils guru.  She has a passion for re-inventing houses to make them into homes that look, feel and smell amazing! You can read more of her work over on her facebook page @GraceyourSpace

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