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Morning Habits of Highly Successful People

June 24 2018

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Working at the office from Monday to Friday can be stressful. We get it, by the end of the week we are fried, the weekend is over before it starts and then it’s the same routine all over again. How we tackle our work day lies in how we manage our mornings. Mornings set the tone for the rest of our day. The Miracle Morning by Hal Erod outlines 6 essential habits that we can incorporate into our mornings to make our day more productive. 


1. Meditation


Hitting the snooze button on our alarm might seem enticing but getting up an hour early gives us a chance to get things done. Meditation is a great way to bring focus, calmness and clarity to your day. Taking 10 minutes to remove all unnecessary thoughts and focusing on nature, our surroundings and our breathing keeps us refreshed. A few quiet minutes while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee is a perfect way to squeeze meditation into your morning routine. Otherwise,  the yoga app, Gaia, offers great tips if you are new to meditation and need help getting started.


2. Affirmation


After our meditation, taking 10 minutes for positive affirmation helps us to be grateful for the wins we had during the week or the previous day. It also allows us to recognise and appreciate our personal and professional growth. Journaling is a nice way to keep a record of these wins and helps to create a set of goals for the day ahead. You can also add any creative ideas or other thoughts to your journal as they come to mind, writing down your awesome ideas gets them out of your head so you can remain focused on the tasks at hand. Daily affirmations give us focus and help us plan our work day. 


3. Exercise


Having an exercise routine is a fantastic way to give your body (and mind) a boost first thing in the morning and regular exercise has been proven to help us manage stress. Whether it is hitting the gym for a cardio session, pilates, yoga or an aerobics class, exercise helps us feel accomplished even before the day begins. On days where we can’t squeeze in a regular workout, light stretches and some basic yoga poses like sun salutations ensure we are energised and ready to take on the day.


4. Read


Devoting time to renew our minds helps to enhance and continually improve ourselves. Good literature like self-help books and listening to beneficial podcasts help to expand the mind and keep us switched on. Swapping television shows for reading enriches our lives and minds and helps us to maximise our time and resources.


5. A Healthy Breakfast


Eating well is key to enhancing our capacity to work, adapt and enjoy life in general. We love nourishing breakfast smoothies or oats topped with fruit, nuts, chia seeds or flax seed powder. These quick power breakfast options not only contain nourishing vitamins but are packed with antioxidants and protein which help sharpen our minds and give us energy for the day. On more relaxed days, a cooked breakfast like an omelette or whole-wheat pancakes as a treat are also good options.


6. Plan


After breakfast, writing our list of “Most Important Tasks” for the day helps to prioritise activities once we are at the office. We use this list as our “Eat That Frog” list and start tackling these tasks as soon as we are at the office.  This helps to avoid wasting time and ensures efficiency. This time could also be used to check work emails, any business social media platforms and other urgent matters.


Adding these habits to your morning routine will ensure that you start your day with a bang and make you more effective at the office meaning you can leave on time and enjoy the rest of your day.

About The Author

Melissa de Souza is a graduate of Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in Fashion.  She also has a post-graduate degree in marketing. In her free time she reads and reviews young adult fiction, hangs out at cafes with friends and visits farmer's markets and op-shops.

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