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Three benefits of morning exercise

October 31 2018

When you have an incredibly busy schedule working a full-time job (or being a full-time socialite and wine-guzzler), it can be difficult to squeeze a proper workout into your day. By the time you return home from an exhausting eight hours in the office, pumping out ten kilometres on a treadmill is going to be the last thing on your mind. This is why dedicating an hour in the morning to yourself is the best way to get the most out of your exercise routine, while leaving time for other priorities. Here are three more reasons to wake up with the sun:  

Metabolism Boost 

Aside from getting your workout out of the way, morning exercise is also known to kickstart your metabolism. When you burn calories early in the morning, your body continues to burn calories all throughout the day. This phenomenon is known by the acronym EPOC, which stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Fancy shedding surplus fat while simply sitting at your desk? Make sure you commit to that early hour pilates class you signed up for. 


Positive Mood 

Everyone knows that getting your heart rate up through intense cardio sessions releases endorphins. These feel-good hormones will have you leaving your gym with a sweaty smile stretched across your face. Having a positive outlook for the rest of the day can make or break your attitude and mood. It’s not just the endorphins that’ll have you beaming, as your sense of accomplishment will also be sky-high from ticking your workout off your daily ‘to-do’ list.  


You have an excuse to drink coffee 

Your morning coffee on the way to work might be the guilty pleasure of your day, but now you have a reason to back it up. The Journal of Applied Physiology reports that those who consume caffeine before exercise experience significantly greater energy expenditure and fat loss. Meaning you get a more intense and effective workout.  Double-shot, espresso please!  


If you aren’t persuaded by now to set that alarm clock an hour earlier, then perhaps the wise words of fitness coach and blogger Susie Lemmer will convince you: “There is no better way to start your day than knowing you have done something amazing for yourself.”  


About The Author

Kayla Wratten is currently in her third and final year of a Bachelor of Journalism at the Queensland University of Technology, minoring in Fashion Communication.  Her ideal day involves reading Vogue or Frankie with a cup of green tea by her side, dreaming of exotic travel destinations and catching a yoga class.  She loves nothing more than writing about her passion for fashion, interviewing designers and sitting front-row at Brisbane's runway shows.  You can read more of her work at

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