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The three cuts:

  • Original cut - if the off-the-rack skirt fits you to a T, this is the skirt for you
  • Straight cut - if you find the original cut is too baggy around your hips, this cut is perfect for you
  • Curvy cut - for those who find the original cut is gaping around the waist and tight on the hips, this is the cut for you

The Seven Sizes:

  • Sizes 6 through 18.
  • Sizing chart below

The Two Lengths

  • Longer Length and Shorter Length option
  • The shorter option has 5cm taken off the top and bottom, shortening the full-length of the skirt by a total of 10cm.


Sizing Charts: All measurements are in centimetres (cm) and are 'half' measurements:

Not sure about your size?

Try measuring a skirt you currently own.  Lay a skirt you own on a flat surface and measure it across the reference points detailed in the diagram above.  Think about how tight or lose that skirt is around your hips and waist and then compare it to our sizing charts above.